tago fastest local delivery

About Tago


Tago is technology enabled local delivery company saving time and money with network of delivery counters. Tago has implemented fast and reliable local delivery service with it`s unique operational model and is serving with utmost consistency.

Tago aims to bridge the gap in conventional delivery model with cutting-edge technology and delivery network. Our mobile application makes it easy and convenient for customers to book a pick up and track it once it is dispatched. We promise same day delivery in most of the cases with our well trained and professional delivery pilots.

Our delivery system covers wide array of deliveries within the city such as local E-Commerce deliveries, B2B, corporate gifting, and retail deliveries. We believe that when it comes to local delivery Tago is always on your side for fast and reliable service.

Our clients enjoying quick deliveries and very high level of reliability - serving new markets every coming day, reducing the cost significantly. We have been offering unparalleled value to our clients in the micro economy, pharmaceutical, banks, FMCG, publication houses and e-commerce sectors. The well thought designed process to simplify the local deliveries is what making us win new clients every day.

Founded in 2017 we have built the very strong same day delivery model in very short span. We have unique work flow that makes it so easy for end users using our service a comfortable experience right from booking the order to delivery. We collect items for your source or customer can drop them at Tago counter. We them seal them in tamper proof, secured covering and move to either destination tago counter to be picked by recipient or home delivered by Tago.

Our Mission

We want to build an eco system that`s reliable, trasperent and beneficial at both ends. We believe Tago will be used as trusted Bag Pool Service and intend to save considerable amount of carbon footprint every year.